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Roger H Photography

Rainbow over Lucerne - Forex printing

Rainbow over Lucerne - Forex printing

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Photographed with a lot of ❤️ and passion by Roger H Photography . With your valued order you support this artist.

Transform your home, office or any other space into a gallery with our high quality Forex print "Rainbow over Lucerne". This mesmerizing image, capturing the rainbow between the Chapel Bridge and the Jesuit Church, is printed on rigid foam board to provide a stunning presentation.

Our Forex print features a smooth texture that intensifies the natural look and feel of the image. The foam board prints are extremely versatile and perfect for various uses. Whether used as a wall decoration, in the office, in the store or even as a gift, this Forex print is sure to attract attention.

You can choose between a black or white foam board print, depending on your individual preferences and the desired aesthetic of your room. Both options provide an impressive visual representation of the "Rainbow over Lucerne" image.

Our Forex prints are strong, unyielding and amazingly light. They can be easily attached to and removed from the wall, giving you the flexibility to display your art. A mounting kit is included to allow you to easily install it.

The Forex prints are available in different sizes. If you would like a special size, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Bring the mesmerizing beauty of the "Rainbow over Lucerne" image into your home or office with our high quality Forex print. The smooth texture and versatile uses make this print an impressive focal point in any room.

Order your “Rainbow over Lucerne” Forex print today and transform your spaces into a gallery of beauty and inspiration!

- Prints are available in both black and white foam board printing
- Easy to stick and remove from the wall
- Strong, unyielding and amazingly light
- Includes mounting kit

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